ARK Invest— Stock Picking — ETF

Your faith in Cathie Wood might be shaken, but never waste a good crisis!

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” has been attributed to Winston Churchill, and is usually used when things go wrong and that, still, hope remains. These days, ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK), ARK Invest’s flagship product, is back at its end-2020 levels. Besides putting some bucks on ARK ETF…

Investing — Growth — Value

Discover the subtle mix of growth and value approaches and how it could fit with your portfolio for stock investing.

Value investors look for companies trading below their intrinsic value. Conversely, growth investors focus on companies with above-average growth prospects. Between these two approaches lays the GARP investing, namely the “growth at a reasonable price”. This style combines value and growth mindsets to offer the best of both worlds.

Apple — Stocks — Earnings

Rising services revenue & strengthening moats… This is the Way

Last September, Apple unveiled its new range of iconic iPhones smartphones, alongside new models of iPad and a new Apple Watch. What could it mean for the Q4 2021 of AAPL stock ? Let’s check together.

First, we will talk a bit about the latest Apple keynote stream. Then, we…

Investing — Portfolio optimization

Now is a good time to be tactical & strategic with your portfolio

These days, stock markets have reached high valuations. In the meantime, risk and volatility are not expected to weaken given the many uncertainties, such as the coronavirus pandemic or the 2020 US elections, to name but a few. Now more than ever, it is crucial to find some time to…

Investing — Technology

Focus on a $40 billion offer that could shape a giant for years and decades to come

NVIDIA announced the acquisition of Arm, the well-known semiconductor company, in a transaction valued at $40 billion. This deal will create a leader in various technologies such as AI, data centers, GPUs, and CPUs. In this article, we propose an overview of this milestone in recent IT history.

First, we…

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